The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

No, It’s not actually a Disney reference. Sorry.

I’d managed to track down a model who’d graciously consented to participate in the Ophelia Submerged series a decade ago. She was one of my bucket list assignments for the series–because she was in her eighth month of pregnancy. It just seemed perfect for Ophelia, after all… Now, she has a beautiful daughter and I was overjoyed to be able to shoot the two of them together a decade later!

They’d happened to have brought a mermaid tail and monofin. And, by pure coincidence, I’d been talking about a mermaid shoot with another young lady. (coming up real soon!). She said she wanted a waterfall, and I’d been to Niagara Falls in Goldstream park earlier in the week, and it was on our way home… So, we popped in. Literally. We were in and out of there in under ten minutes.

The Little Mermaid

You can’t shoot here without an audience!

The area to shoot is real limited because the river is really really dry this year. The normally overpowering thrum of water cascading off the cliff… well, it’s more than a trickle, but not much more. There were only two pools to work with–the catch-basic for the actual waterfall, and one pool beyond that. But it did provide rocks to shoot on…

The Little Mermaid
Mermaid on the Rocks – Digital Filters

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