Casting Call: Ophelia Submerged 2021

Casting Call: Ophelia Submerged 2021

The Ophelia Submerged series has been going since 2008. At it’s heart it’s romantic imagery bringing together a sense of femininity, water and fabric. Originally, it was a study of the insidiousness of betrayed innocence (Ophelia was, after all, abandoned by her lover, her brother, her father, and then ultimately, betrayed by the Queen, who did nothing to stop her suicide!).

Over the years, the series theme has expanded, evolved and mutated into something so broad that you can make definitely your own mark and bring something different to the set. We’ve shot women in their teens and women in their fifties. Tall, short, tiny, plus-sized… we’re always looking for variations to play with and expand the scope and diversity of the theme. There is no limit on romantic imagery. Everyone has the right to be beautiful!

Casting Call: Ophelia Submerged 2021

The Basics:

Where & when?
From now until the middle of September. We typically shoot in a fresh-water lake or river near Victoria BC, Canada. If you have a favourite location, let me know!

How Long Will This Take?
I try to book a four-hour time-slot, factoring in travel time and preparations. Time in the water is usually between 90 minutes and two-hours.

This is neither a paid nor paying shoot. In exchange for signing a model release form, you will be formally licensed to use the images as you wish.

Casting Call: Ophelia Submerged 2021

The Nitty-Gritty:

What to Bring:

  • Your wardrobe…
  • Accessories (jewelry, hats, parasols, fabrics, etc…)
  • water-shoes or sandals (many locations have muddy or mossy-stone surfaces)
  • A change of dry clothes & a towel
  • A garbage-bag (for the wet stuff, after)
  • Sun-screen & bug-spray

You will get wet. Your wardrobe will get wet. There may be mud, there may be deadwood. It may stink. There may be mosquitos. It might rain. It might be cold. If any of these are issues for you, please bring it up with me before the shoot itself!

Mobility Issues
Please let me know if you have any mobility issues that may need accomadation.

Casting Call: Ophelia Submerged 2021

Advanced Sets

Please discuss if you are interested in pursuing any of the following:

  • Full-submersion in the water, holding your breath for neutral expression & still-water
  • Nude (or topless) under wet fabric
  • Smoke bombs on the water
  • Under-water play (very limited)

Please let me know if you’re interested in exploring any of these possibilities… I am a certified first aid attendant (OFA level II), but have no wish to put anyone in any real danger. I just want it to look that way!

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