Terms of Use — in Mostly Plain English

We’re Curvature Media. We use “the Service”, us, we, our to represent us. We use “You” to represent you. When you sign up, create an account, submit content or comments, you agree to these terms. If you don’t agree, don’t do these things.

We retain all rights to our own Intellectual Property. Your content is not our intellectual property.

You can use our service. but you can’t give your account to someone else. When you don’t want to use our service anymore, you can leave. If someone uses your account without your consent, you need to tell us ASAP!

Please don’t try to reverse-engineer what we’re doing here. We might make changes or discontinue portions of the site–or even the site as a whole–at any time. We don’t need to give you advanced warning. You agree that you won’t hold it against us. We use third-party services. It means you might see third-party advertisements and other content. We don’t control what third-parties do. You won’t hold that against us either.

When you create an account with us, you promise to provide complete and accurate information. Anything that happens because of your account (something you said or did), that’s on you. Your posting that stuff doesn’t mean we back you and your statements, opinions, stance, etc. By posting stuff, you promise that you actually have the authority to do so. So don’t post other people’s images, videos, books, etc. if you’re not licensed to do so. If you do and someone calls you on it… you agree that it’s your problem, not ours. You agree that if you make a suggestion and we act on it, we don’t need to pay you for coming up with the idea and suggesting it.

When you post stuff here, you retain the rights of ownership. But you give us the right to store it on our server and display it to other users of our service. We might also create “derivative works” from your content–like putting it in a collage of best images, or in a list of our favorite posts. We might also publish this content in physical media or post images to video sites… It is possible that, in the course of doing so, we might have to remove attributions associated with the content, meaning we might not be able to name you as the contributor, model, photographer, author, etc. We don’t like this, but we can’t control what the future might require of us. We will do out best to try to keep you in the loop.

You agree that we won’t be responsible for other people making legal claims against you because of your activity on this site or it’s associated services. What you do is on you. If you really want to take us to court, we’ll be doing it in Victoria British Columbia as–you agree–that this site is governed by the laws of that province. In any event, you agree that we won’t be liable for amounts greater than $100 Canadian or an amount equal to whatever you might have paid to Curvature Media within the previous six months.

We might make changes to this site and to these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. If we do, we’ll post about it and send you an email. If you do not provide an avenue of communication to let you know, that’s on you.

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