Ophelia LXIV – Samantha

Ophelia LXIV - Samantha

Thus starts the 2020 Ophelias…

It might’ve been a little early, but I hadn’t done an Ophelia for so long and with the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, I’d delayed getting in the water. After a lackluster 2019 (only one water-shoot through all of that year), I’d really wanted to hit the lake a lot this year…

Spectacle lake is a pretty warm lake year-round, but in May, it was a little colder than usual. If you ask Rosalia Grey, it was much colder than usual! Rosalia Grey provided her own wardrobe and styling. The seasonal colors provided so much complement I was so pleased. It was a good kick-off to this year’s Ophelia Submerged series…

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