Femme Todoroki

Femme Todoroki

Just a Quick Little Pick-Up Shoot …

I’d been in Vancouver to photograph a couple of cosplay shoots over the course of one whirlwind weekend. I’d put a casting out for a pick-up shoot in the morning before I’d head out to New Westminster for one of the main deals. I arranged a pickup shoot downtown. She brought a friend… We shot some on the street, then went into the entrance-way to Granville Street Skytrain station, where we did some stuff with a single off-shoe flash.

I made the cardinal mistake of not asking their ages… and they were both under the age of majority… whoops. I sent them model release forms later that day and advised that I couldn’t actually do anything with the shots until I had a release signed by a parent or guardian. The guardians of the young lady who’d arranged the shoot? They never got back to me. But her friend’s guardians did… And these were the results. Not bad for a quick pick-up shoot with people going by every minute…

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